the AYA Process - ArtyouADORE


Your one-on-one consultation will start the process. We will meet in studio or in your home so that I can get the chance to learn about all you and your family. I want to know who your kids are, about their personalities, and about your goals for showing those beautiful personalities off. You will leave knowing: 

What to expect during your session.

What you can expect your investment to be.

Where are some of the best places to display portraits in your home .

What type of clothing works best for a family portrait.

....and answers to any other questions you may have. 


We have an amazing LOW STRESS portrait session where everyone is relaxed, has a great time, and looks beautiful!


About 3 weeks after your session, we meet up again in-studio to check out your gallery and albums designs and to choose the portraits you love most.This is the time to finalize your portrait order, so be sure and schedule a time when both parents can be there.

Delivery and Installation

In 3-5 weeks, I will personally, hand deliver and install your beautiful new galleries to your home.